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 Welcome to Divine Beauty Crystal Shop! My goal is to spread love and light one crystal at a time. I create unique healing crystal crafts of all kinds. I make Pendants, bracelets or keychains with string or wire. Mainly create wearable crystals for your day to day use. Each crystal is handpicked and wrapped in unique ways, no two crystals are alike. Each crystal holds different properties and is used in different ways. Crystals are often used for healing and clearing out negative energies in one's life while welcoming new and positive energy. For example, wearing a Tiger eye attracts good luck. If you are looking for Unconditional love from a Rose Quartz or the protective and calming energies from an Amethyst. I am sure there is something you will find to enhance your energetic frequency. Go on and explore to discover the right crystal to help you find what you desire to manifest into your life. 

                                                                             xoxo - Valentina