Divine beauty crystal shop

Posted by Valentina Mussio on

I started Divine Beauty Crystal Shop in early 2018, back then it went by a different name. I create and sell unique hand wrapped crystal jewelry. I handpick each crystal and wrap them in unique ways, no two crystals are alike. I enjoy spending some time every day to create new designs, from necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. I created this business to share my love for crystals and teach others about them and how they work. Throughout my life crystals have helped me through difficult times. Each crystal holds different properties and is used in different ways. Crystals are often used for personal healing, spiritual awakening, and clearing out negative energy from one's life. I have learned a lot about spirituality and myself throughout the years. Thought my life I have never felt connected to a certain religion. I've studied everything I could about religion because I wanted to know what I believed in because I didn't know what to label myself. "who am I?" "where did I come from?" I began to learn about spirituality,  about my soul, and how it came to be here in this moment.  Since I was a little girl I imagined the life I have now. I manifested a life I wanted without even realizing I was doing it. Crystals have always been a part of my life. I grew up with an amethyst around my house that was found in Uruguay over 20 years ago. I was always attracted to them, maybe because it's my birthstone but it's my favorite crystal. Whenever I go on long travels or feel my anxiety will get the best of me I take an amethyst with me. Amethyst is a calming and protective stone. As I began to grow my own collection of crystals, I found ways to carry them around without them being in my pockets or purse. I began to make my own jewelry. I received many complaints about it I began making for others, shortly after my small business was born. Every day I learn new things, new skills and have new experiences. I would like to share it with others what I've learned and how I use my crystals to grow emotionally, physically and spiritually. In the future, I want to create and sell more art pieces but for now, I am creating crystal jewelry and tons of content for my shop. As my business slowly develops and grows, I intend to hustle to reach my vision. With the assistance of my beautiful gems and working daily to reach my goals, I will manifest it into reality. Please join me on this new and exciting journey by following my shops' Instagram.@DivineBeautyCrystalShop