Three simple ways to cleanse your crystals

Posted by Valentina Mussio on

How often should someone cleanse their crystals? The answer is, after every use or at least once a month. When you are “cleansing” crystals it means you will be doing an energetic cleanse. Cleansing your crystal helps release all the negative energy. Sometimes people get busy with other things that cleansing their crystal can slip the mind. Crystals can get “heavy” after a while of them not being cleansed. Crystals should be cleansed whenever they are first purchased, before and after using for each healing session. Crystals can be worn or carried around in pockets and are used as home décor. Placing a crystal in your somewhere in your home can invite more positive energy to enter and block any negative energy out. All crystals should be cleansed. Having a crystal day or week where you spend quality time with your crystals. Throughout this day, people tend to cleanse all their crystals and meditate with them, program them and more. There are many ways to cleanse your crystals. Knowing about your crystal is necessary. You don't want to put a crystal that fades in the sunlight laying outside for an hour or place the wrong crystal in a bowl of water. Some crystals do not need to be cleansed and have the ability to cleanse other crystals. When you cleanse a crystal, you are removing all the energy they have absorb and can be programmed once again to continue to assist you with a stronger frequency. Crystals are often used for decor, meditating and spiritual practice. If you are always wearing crystal jewelry accessory, I recommend cleansing them often due to the fact that they come in content with a lot of energy throughout the day.

There are many methods to cleanse crystals, I will be giving 3 ways to cleanse all your healing crystals.

1. Smudging with sage –

White sage is can be used to purify more than just crystals. You can remove all negative energy around your home, body, crystals and more. Taking the time to sit down with all your crystals. Passing them through the smoke of the sage visualizing all the negative energy to be released from each stone. You can keep a crystal under the smoke for however long you feel necessary. Do this with each crystal and for however long you may need.

2. Under the full moon –

This is the perfect method if you do not have time to do a one on one cleansing session. Placing them outside or by a window once the sun has set, to avoid certain crystals like Smoky Quartz or Rose Quartz can fade with sunlight. There is no time limit when cleaning your crystals with the moon. You can leave it all night if you want but remember to bring them inside before sunrise, so no crystals are damaged by the sunlight.

3. Buried in the earth –

Bury your crystals in soil to return it back to the earth is helpful for deeper cleansing. Wither it is a pot of soil in your apartment or outside in your yard. Place the crystal point down and cover it with more soil. You may leave it for as long as you want, you may leave it overnight or for a full 24 hours.  make a sure mark the spot you buried your stones, so you do not lose them. 

Some crystals like Amethyst, Citrine, and Aquamarine need to avoid light while others like Selenite, Angelite, and Malachite need to avoid water. Learning about your crystals can provide a stronger bond between you and your stones. Diamonds, citrine, and kyanite do not need to be cleansed. Carnelian, Clear Quartz, and Citrine have the ability to cleanse other crystals. Keeping up with your crystals is a great way to make sure your stones are not absorbing so much negative energy. When your crystals are cleansed and regenerated, they are able to work on their purpose better because the energetic frequency is clear to benefit your spiritual and energetic begin. Now that your crystals are fully cleansed, they are ready to be programmed. Once you’ve programmed your crystals they will begin to provide you with the right energetic frequency to help manifest and achieve spiritual and physical goals.