Crystal lover starter pack

I know I'm not the only one who can't get enough of buying crystals. Discovering a new crystal and bring it home to add to my collection is one of my favorite thing to do. My collection is constantly growing but I had to start with a couple of crystals and some magic tools to help me become the crystal obsessed human I am today. For this crystal lover starter pack kit, you will only need only a few things.

  1. Crystals! You will begin with 6 simple and easy to obtain crystals you can find in most crystal shops. you will start with Rosa Quartz for love, Clear Quartz for clarity, Amethyst for protection, Citrine for abundance, Tiger Eye for grounding, Black Tourmaline for repelling negative energy.
  2. Smudging tools! You can purchase Palo santo (saint stick), white sage - some sage comes mixed with other herbs and dried plants. You will need something to catch the ash for your sticks. A large clamshell or seashell will work just fine and give a more earthy vibe to your smudging tools.

Now you can begin your collection of smudging material and crystal goodies. You can purchase books online to learn more about energy and spiritual healing and any tips you need about crystal healing work. Check out my post about spiritual books you must read! 

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