Crystal Of The Week: Obsidian

Happy Tuesday! The week has started by traveling to Washington D.C. Divine Beauty has many plans for the new year, Soon you will be included in all the secrets too. Divine Beauty works mainly with crystals and their magic, I want to share the knowledge with you and promote my love for stones. Each week I will pick a new crystal at random. Some from my own collection and others from new crystals I've discovered and recently learned more about.
Crystal of the week :
Picture: Unknown (Found online)
Picture: Unknown (Found Online)


Where can this crystal be found? 
Obsidian can be found in locations where volcanos have already erupted and created a solid lava rock that is smooth and glassy. Obsidian can be black or black and green. It can be located worldwide. 
What chakra does it benefit?
Obsidian helps heal and balance your energy, working mainly with the root chakra. Creating a cord starting from your base into the center of the earth, strengthening over time.
Picture: Unknown (Found Online)
What are the healing properties?
Nothing can be hidden from Obsidian, with its powerful ability to expose flaws, weakness, and blockage. Obsidian encourages us to have a deep soul search and begin healing. Obsidian can grow and give us the support we need. However, you must be careful with Obsidian because it can bring out negative emotions and unpleasant truths. Obsidian used correctly is a strong protection stone, shielding against negative energy, removing any negative spiritual influences and psychic attacks. A large Obsidian removes negative environmental pollution but its ability to bring out truths has to be also considered when purchasing. Placing an Obsidian by your bed or under the pillow can help eliminate mental stress and tension surrounding you providing a calming effect. Although reminded again, Hidden truths and stress must be overcome before being able to recieve peace again. Obsidian connects with the spirits' true purpose, stimulating growth in all areas. Bringing you face to face with your shadow self and forcing you to deal with your truth, removing any confusions and providing clarity. 
Thank you for joining me in my first week of the crystals of the week. Every Tuesday a new crystal and information will be uploaded to the journal. If you have any questions you want to ask to add to next week's post, whether it be about Obsidian or any crystal you may have I will try my best to answer for you or add your question to our future articles. See you next week!

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