Crystal of the week: Aquamarine

Haaapppyyyy Tuesday everyone! or whatever day you decide to read this! I hope your week started off good if you still have a job to go to, be cautious about your surroundings and practice social distancing as much as you can. For those staying at home and doing self-quarantine, I hope youre able to keep busy! I recently started a puzzle but im not sure how excited I am to complete it. I thought i could do it in one day, and I could but I got bored of staring at the same pieces for hours, so I took a break. I wanted to talk to you guys about aquamarine, great for anyone feeling anxious and scared during this trying time.  Staying home and having nothing to do but create has been amazing for me and my inspiration is through the roof. I have been so excited about all the new products coming to the shop. Have you seen our latest divine products? Working on my artwork, completing and accomplishing my final goals while I wait to see what will happen next. every day is something different but with aquamarine allowing me to relax my mind and find the courage to not allow the darkness to take over mt mind during this time indoors without much connection and movement as we are use to in our day to day life. This week on Crystal of the week I am going to talk about one of my favorite stones. 

Crystal of the week :
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Where can this crystal be found?
Aquamarine can be found in multiple places around the globe. Some of those places are the United States Of America, Mexico, Russa, Brazil, India and in surrounding countries in the middle east like Afghanistan and Pakistan.
What chakra does it benefit? 
 Shielding the aura and aligning the chakras, Aquamarine works directly with the throat chakra most, Clearing the throat and bring communication into a higher vibration. Making it easier to express your feelings without fear. Healing sore throats, swollen glands, and thyroid problems. 
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What are the healing properties?
Aquamarine is known as the stone of courage. Its calming energy reduces stress and quiets the mind harmonizing the energy around you. Clearing your perception and allowing you to analyze new information. Aquamarine clears blocked communication and allows you to express yourself. Soothing any feelings of fear allowing you to get the closure needed. Promoting taking responsibility for oneself.  A powerful stone to use during meditation helps increase the state of consciousness and spiritual awareness. Aquamarine sharpens the intuition and opens clairvoyance psychic ability. Ancient stories say that sailors would carry Aquamarine as a talisman against drowning.
Be brave and go out with this gem! Or stay indoors for now.  One of my favorite stones to wear. Divine Beauty has tones of amethyst creations like pendants, rings, earrings and more. Did you learn anything new today about aquamarine you didn't know before? Know any other cool facts? Leave a comment below. 

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