Hey, my divine friends! How is quarantine treating you? I hope youre able to stay sane. During this time, I have been working on gaining some new skills and also doing absolutely nothing. I've been finding new hobbies. I have learned to make new recipes and desserts like fried Oreos and crème brûlée, completing puzzles, and being creative with my time and began house hunting. I have also been working behind the sense of divine beauty to bring so much content, products, and articles for you to enjoy. I have been brainstorming about all the things I can do for Divine Beauty. I have discovered so different parts of the internet, I definitely want to dive in and learn more about it! but first, let me tell you about what I have been doing during our stay at home order. 

I opened up my own Depop shop! Depop is basically an online thrift store. In my shop, I will be selling articles of clothing, shoes, and fashionable accessories from 1980 to modern times. I have only been on it for only a short time but I have so many great things to say about it so far. It's easy to use both as a shopper and a seller. You can upload your clothing and sell them to strangers all over the world, you decided where and how far you want to ship to. So far I have made a few sales and have gotten them packaged and shipped out to their new owners. Everything in my shop is second-hand vintage clothing picked out and advertised by myself I began a new side hustle thanks to boredom. I highly recommend getting your own depop shop and decluttering all the old clothing that you just outgrew. I hope to find and purchase more cool items to add to my divine shop

Follow our depop page and check out all the items we have for sale!  @ Divinebeautyshop 

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