Goals & Manifestation for 2020

Happy New Year!! I am so excited to begin this new year with the right foot forward.  2020 will be a year of getting back on our feet and embracing our full potential. Healing ourselves by releasing any negative emotions and blockage we may feel by situations we experience to be able to grow and expand spiritually, mentally and physically. This year I would like to change a few things and try some new things. 

In 2020 I wish to Develop my spiritual side more. Learn new skills and recieve knowledge from all my experiences throughout life, past and present. I would like to dive deep into my subconscious mind and heal from past traumas and forgive others but most importantly forgive myself. I would like to step out of my comfort zone this year and start a youtube channel for lifestyle vlogs and videos. I have been motivated by other YouTubers who make are looking past their anxiety and enjoying making videos and creating content. Do I want to be youtube famous? I'm not sure I do, it seems like a very hectic life but never say never. (Subscribe to my channel to be the first to see and know when I post). I want to begin taking yoga classes regularly. I am not a very athletic person, I grew up not liking to sweat but I think hot yoga would be a great way to work out my body and heal all my knots and relieve pains. Challange my body to do become more flexible and stronger.

For my business, I want to expand my inventory by adding new handmade jewelry accessories, home decor, artwork and more. I want to begin attending farmers' markets and other vending opportunities. Creating my display table and meeting my customers in person would be so amazing! This is something I would love to manifest for spring 2020. Starting today however I would like to upload on my journal on a regular schedule. I plan to upload a new journal article every week on Monday and Wednesday and two mini-articles named "Tarot Card Of The Week" and "Crystal Of The Week" on Sunday and Tuesday. I look forward to challenging my writing skills and create in multiple times and growing my small business. I hope my readers stay and read my articles and enjoy my craft. Leave a kind message behind and tell me what are things you would like to read about. Share with friends and let's begin the new year with a positive mindset. Speaking positive words to ourselves and others. See you guys soon!

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