Guided mediations before bed

For years I struggled with going to sleep early. I would stay up all night and fight to wake up in the mornings because I didn't get enough sleep. Sometimes I would sleep in so late i would wake up in the middle of the day. I was losing daylight and bags were forming under my eyes. Something needed to change. Going to bed can be very difficult when you are used to staying up all night or just can't get your mind to stop coming up with new ideas and situations. I found being on my phone does not help me fall asleep faster but keeps my mind alert to the bright screen in front of me as the time I could use to sleep quickly slips away from under me. Jumping from the same few apps until I get bored and put the phone down and stare at the ceiling thinking about anything and everything that makes me anxious. I decided to want a little assistance to put me to sleep. I heard of meditation apps you can buy for your phone. I decided that's silly when there are tons of mediation sound effects on youtube for free. I searched up "guided meditation for sleep" and tons of options came up. I scrolled and scrolled looking for a good one to try out. Playing the guided meditation video on my phone with my wireless headphones on I dozed off into a deep slumber. I would meditate for 20-40 minutes before finally falling asleep for the night. I woke up the next morning, early and refreshed. I felt recharged and ready for the day. I felt great the first day so I continued to use guided meditations for a week straight I began waking up motivated and uplifted. I find guided meditations to be a great way to put yourself to sleep when you are feeling depressed or anxious at night, having trouble falling asleep and having an early day. Including this to your mediation during your day can truly be life-changing. To those who feel they do not have time during the day to meditate before bed is a great time to release all the energy from the day you've had that no longer serves you and will no continue circling your subconscious. I now use guided mediations a few times a week. 

Here are some guided meditations I use before bed. Leave a comment letting me know which one you used and if it helped you with your insomnia.

  1. Clear the mind - Guided mediation  (3 hours)
  2. Chakra Alignment for beginners - Guided meditation (30 minutes)
  3. For overactive minds - Guided mediation (1 hour)
  4. Lucid dreaming - Guided meditation (30 minutes)
  5. Law of attraction - Guided meditation (2 hours)

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