Habits to quit in 2020

In 2020, there are many things I wish to learn and accomplish by the end of the year. I would like to develop new skills and expand my comfort zone, but as I welcome a new hobby, a new mindset, and new habits, I must stop certain habits that do more harm than good to me every day. It is said that it takes 21 days to start a new habit and end a bad one. I have decided that every month I would try to change something that I do not like that I do just because I am used to choosing. If I am going to be spiritually aware and conscious of my whole being and actions, I must end old habits that were developed years ago. Switching my habits and choosing a more positive state of being will benefit my life. I have made a list of 12 bad habits I wish to stop in 2020, one for every month in the year.

  1. Drinking soda - For a while, in 2017 I was completely off soda, I stopped drinking it and for some reason I seemed to pick up the habit of having a soda for lunch or dinner, turning into both times... I would like to ban soda from my body. I do not like the feeling of all the gasses around my chest causing me to burp so loud I could say the full alphabet. 
  2. Speaking negatively about myself or others - Words can hurt and regardless of someone hearing you speak about them or not, words still hurt and sadly I have a bad habit as using my words as my weapon. Speaking ill of others and speaking ill about myself.  In the new year, I am no longer interested in "tea" and to judge and analyze someone else's life when I am trying hard to figure out my own. 
  3. Stop cursing - There are times where I have the vocabulary of a truck driver. Cursing has become a normal part of my vocabulary where I can say the word "Bitch" and no think anything wrong with it but hearing it from a different perspective it doesn't sound very lovely. I would like to lower the number of curse words said on a regular basis.
  4. Less screen time - I would like to stop looking at a computer screen all day and night. although my job is mainly online I would like to stop using my computer and cell phones 2 hours before bed and not touch my phone for the first 2 hours after waking up each morning. 4 hours in between the day to do things that do not include looking at a computer or cellphone screen 
  5. Stop self-doubting myself - One thing that always stops me from doing something new and exciting is myself. Telling myself I will fail before even trying. I would like to begin encouraging myself at times when I seem to only want to give up. 
  6. Speaking out of turn - I have a very nasty habit of not letting someone finish their sentence. I dont know when this started for me but it has been something that personally bothers me and most likely annoy others. I would like to stop speaking over someone and wait for my turn to express my opinion and keeping some to myself when the words would be unnecessary for conversation.
  7. Cracking my joints - I have no idea when this began but I can crack almost all my joints in my body and find it pleasurable... I would love to end this habit before I get arthritis all over my body because I consistently cracked all my joints. It will mostly be the hardest habit of all to end but I am willing to give it a try. 
  8. Compulsive shopping - Many times I purchase things with the "I'll find a use for it later" and never do. I want to stop purchasing things for no reason and that have no real use for my current situation. 
  9. Over-snacking - My whole life I have always had a stash of treats under my bed or were taken to bed before laying down and relaxing. I would like to stop this habit that causes tons of cavities to many midnight snackers. 
  10. Complete a project before starting a new one - I am always coming out with new ideas I get so excited and it's all I see for days, weeks, months and years I pushed aside a project to begin a new vision at the very moment. 
  11. Stop being a couch potato - I love sitting down and writing on my laptop all day, but it's not healthy. I want to begin getting off the couch and begin doing productive work. Getting out of bed and into the action. 
  12. Stop procrastinating - I allow everything to get done the last minute and rush to get the project done. Rushing on a project and stressing out wondering if it's going to be completed on time can be something I can learn to prevent.

Now that you know my 12 bad habits I want to stop doing this year. I will be adopting one new habit every month while continuing to make the conscious decision to help and do better as a person. Leave a comment telling me something you will like to stop doing this year and what you want to accomplish. Is there anything we may have in common? 



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  • Yes we definitely do!! I want to stop being so hard on myself as well. I 100% need to stop snacking so much haha! I agree with screen time. Although a lot of my stuff is online I also want to have less screen time.


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