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Crystals are used for many reasons, wither you programed your crystal to heal and protect the energy in your home and your body or being used during mediation crystals absorb and hold on to the energy that no longer serves you. That energy must be released from the crystal. There are many different methods of cleansing your crystals. Each stone is different and can react differently to each element. For example, Amethyst and Citrine fade in the sunlight while Calcite, Kyanite, and Angelite can disintegrate in water. Some crystals like Citrine and Carnelian do not need to be cleansed. A few stones have the ability to cleanse other crystal stones. You can cleanse your crystals as often as you feel necessary. Once you have gotten to know your crystals individually you will notice when there is a large amount of stored energy, making the stone heavier than normal. 

Three easy ways to cleanse your stones at home without having to gather materials but be able to use things around in your everyday environment. Once you have the stones you would like to cleanse and have the method you would like to use you're ready to begin cleansing. 

1. Bury in soil: Gather all your stones and take them to an area you feel comfortable leaving your stones overnight. You can use an empty pot filled with soil, a plant in your home or your own backyard. You will bury your stones in the soil a few inches in the dirt for about 4-24 hours at a time. As you place each crystal in the soil Visualize the energy being returned to the earth. Returning the stone back to the earth naturally releases all the stored energy back to the earth. Be sure to mark the spot you buried your crystals so you do not lose them. Once you are done cleansing your stones you can dig them back up and dust off any remaining soil. 

2. Freshwater: You can use the same water directly from your faucet. You can cleanse one crystal at a time, visualizing yourself washing away all the energy that longer serves you. wash each stone for about a minute each. pat dry when finished. 

3. Sunlight: Sunlight works best on red, orange and yellow stones but left for too long can fade. Once you have fully made sure your stones can sustain small or large amounts of time in direct sunlight. Lay all your stones in a location where they will receive direct sunlight. You can place them by a window, in your porch or backyard. Leave them under the sunlight for about 5 mins, you can leave the stone for a longer period of time if you like. 

Don't forget to program your crystals when you are ready to begin using them again. Crystals help enhance the energetic frequency of your life. There are many other ways to cleanse your crystals. Some crystals need to be recharged and cleansed more often than others. Keeping up with your crystal maintenance can ensure you are releasing negative and stored energy out of your life and welcoming new energy. 





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