Finding the right one


     Shopping for crystals is one of my favorite activities, I enjoy going to local crystal shops in whichever town I am at the time, I've often spend time during this pandemic window shopping online and in hopes that one of the crystals will call out though the device. Choosing the right stone for you can be difficult for those who don't know much about crystals or where to purchase them. When purchasing a crystal that is right for you can be very easy, if you know where and how to look for one.  

     Crystals are believed to be living beings, old and wise stones carrying the energy of the earth within their shape and color. Crystals work according with its owner, affecting all levels of the being and the space where you've chosen to place it in. Crystal work with us as long as we are also putting the effort in the physical world. Crystal healing is all about brining harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. Assist in the evolution of the soul and raising our spiritual awareness. Crystals are not meant to and do not cure or protect you from illness or should not be used as a form of medical treatment.

     When purchasing a crystal there are two ways you can do it. Playing "Crystal Roulette" and letting your intuition select the crystal for you or having a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with the crystal. 

     "Crystal Roulette" is a game for when I don't know which crystal to purchase or what I'm really looking for. I allow my intuition to do all the shopping for me. Usually when I walk into a crystal shop or scroll through one online I use similar techniques but in different ways. I prefer to hold my potential crystals physically in person before purchasing any. In store is much easier, You can allow your body to roam through the shop and let your hands do all the work. It is important you hold every crystal you feel attracted pick up, if the crystal is too large to hold place your hand gently on it. Holding it with palms wide open feeling its energy, you will know right away if the crystal is right for you or not. Allowing the crystals to communicate with you through touch, it will be giving off this tingling feeling on the center of your palm, the more it feels like its tingling in your hands the more its connecting with you and your energy. Online is a little more different than just walking into a mystical store. Usually I stare at a crystal for a long period of time, trying to connects to its energy and personality through a glass screen. Placing my hand over the screen to see if the "tingling" feeling would happen. When a crystals that are truly meant for you will pop out and shine bright for you, you will not be able to resist buying it. 

     Doing some research on crystals and their properties before shopping is a great way to find and discover new crystals with similar properites you're looking for. Asking yourself a variety of questions like "What do you want to use the crystal for" "How would you like to use it?" "Would you want to wear it?" "Will you place it in your pocket or purse?" "Is it for Decorating an alter?" These questions will assist you when you are shopping and see all different sizes, shapes and how they are used. Just because a crystal is larger than another does not mean is more powerful. If you're not sure where to start when looking for crystals your birthstone would be a great start. Looking up stones that are comparable with your birthday month and even the zodiac signs.

     Crystals make the perfect gift fo those learning about crystals and continuing to grow their collection. When purchasing a crystal online or in person make sure to cleanse the crystal once you are home and program it with your intentions. Placing it somewhere you will always see it so it can remind you of your efforts and encourage you to continue to evolve as a spiritual being. 

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