How to choose the right crystal for you

 For someone who is OBSESSED with crystals, I have tons of experience shopping for a crystal without having an exact idea of what crystal I should get. Finding the right crystal for you can be very difficult if you are not sure what you want to desire from a crystal. Shopping with an intention will be easier for you to find the crystal that works best for you and your current situation. Do you desire to attract love with a Rose Quartz? Have good luck with a Tiger Eye? Protection from Amethyst or the grounding abilities from a Smoky Quartz? Having an idea of what you are looking for a great way to start. Don't feel shy to ask someone to guide you to certain crystals or ask any questions you may have to lightworkers nearby, or friends willing to answer any of your crystal questions. (You can always ask me anything by emailing or direct messaging me on Instagram.) It's okay not to know everything about crystals. I learn and discover new things every day. There are no absurd questions, they're all valid. When you know what intention you desire from a crystal you will be able to have a full selection of multiple crystals available to your disposal for you to use. Some crystals may have similar abilities to each other but they can be used differently because they also carry other positive healing abilities for you be able to tap into. asking questions and looking up a crystal to learn all their properties is highly recommended when shopping for your crystal collection. You will know which crystal is for you because you will find comfort and peace when holding it in your hand. 

Another great way to select crystals is by playing "crystal roulette" where you purchase a crystal without looking at their abilities till after you have returned home. Sometimes, sure I do my research most of the time I let the crystals tell me what I need. How do crystals tell me what I need? Well, there is this unseen unspoken connection your spirit has with the energetic frequency crystals give off. I find this an exciting way to discover new crystals and add them to my collection. Picking up crystals that I naturally gravitate to and hold them in my hand for a little allowing me to feel the energy it is giving out and figuring out if it is something I like or something I can pass up for now. Often times when I play "Crystal roulette" I purchase stones that seem to connect to my present life. It is important to know what energy you are welcoming into your life. There are tons of crystals that can help you raise your vibrations to enhance your intuition and bring positive energy. Whether you play "crystal roulette" or have researched the names and properties of the stones you desire to obtain there is no wrong crystal for you because they all can benefit you and your energy in some way. 




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