Practicing self-care during a global pandemic

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Day 11 of my self-quarantine and I have done a great job keeping myself entertain and in a positive mood throughout MOST of the time being. Although after hearing the news and things dont really change or get worse I become so stress and overwhelmed with emotions. Thinking about my family living all over North America, my grandmothers and cousins in south America and cousins in Europe I tend to break down. In some places in the world peoples, lives are at a total halt and in other places, its seriously slowed down. busy streets all over the globe are empty now. So while 15% of me is panicking about everything going wrong in the world I am trying to make sure the rest of me is happy and active. Staying positive and doing activities that improve my mood are great ways I keep myself from laying on the couch all day, munching on food and watching tv, even though I make sure to give myself time to be a couch potato every day. Self-care is important for your daily routine but during this stressful time making sure you make time to take care of yourself will do a lot for you and your energy. I made a list of 10 things you can do to stay happy, ignore the negative things you are not in control of and feel good at home while being quarantined. 

  1. Spa day! This is the time to pamper yourself. Give yourself a facial, try a hair mask made with natural ingredients you have at home. Just because the salon is closed doesn't mean you can't touch up your own nails, brows and other treatments your get on a regular routine. Leave the big stuff such as eyelashes and highlights for the pros.
  2. Garden. Right now I am saving up all my seeds from all my vegetables and drying them out for my garden I am building for when I move from my current apartment now. I have decided im going to grow an avocado tree... well 3 of them!
  3. Sleep!! Yes, as lazy as it sounds, sleeping is a great way to give your body the self-care it needs. Now that most people are going to be stuck inside their homes for the majority of the day catching up on sleep when youre used to waking up early in the morning to head to work is a great way to tell your body you love it! 
  4. Create. Whether that means youre painting, drawing, building, writing, cooking or whatever else you can create. Putting your energy into a new project can take your mind out of all the negative happening outside.
  5. Read. Read your favorite book or a new book. Read a new article in the medical field. Research a question you have been asking yourself for a while and look for your answers. Reading helps stimulate your mind and can take you into a different world where time exists. Read my article where I recommend a few spiritual books you can check out
  6. Meditate. Taking time out of your day to meditate can help you feel less overwhelmed by being indoors all day and more in tune with your inner higher self. Use this time to get off your phone and gather your thoughts together. Read my article about guided meditations you can use before bed to calm your mind. 
  7. Cooking and baking. Now that everyone is indoors, most people are choosing to eat at home instead of going out. (Which is still an option.) A great way to make sure you are staying healthy and make time pass while quarantined. Learn new recipes of meals, desserts you always wanted to try and make. look for alternatives in case you might not have the exact same ingredients at home and can't leave to buy more. 
  8. Work out!! Keep your body moving! Making sure you are still active during this time is very important for your physical health and your mental health. Leave quarantine with abs using home workouts. This is a great time to purchase a virtual workout program.
  9. Disconnect from social media. Although our only connection to the outside world is our technology and scrolling through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook does kill a bunch of time and keeps us entertained all that screen time is not good for your to spend 8 hours staring at the same few apps. This is the time for you to disconnect from the world for a little while and stay off the internet for the first 2 hours of your day and the last 2 before bed. 
  10. Declutter! One of my favorite things to do while I am home all day is going through ALL my stuff and see what's important, what's broken and garbage, whats reusable and I usually find things I thought I lost. Now it's the time to pull out those pairs of jeans that dont fit you and those beat up shoes that cant takes another walk around the block. You may even find things you can sell to a second-hand store or on your own depop account. (follow out depop account! tons of cute clothes coming soon!)

These are just a few ways you can give yourself a self-care day or week! Now that we are self-quarantined and in some areas are more strict with the order to stay at home and almost to no business open. I believe this is a great way to keep people from spreading the virus to others. What we are doing around the world is shocking. We live in such a fast pace life that going to an almost stop nationwide. As we care and protect others by staying indoors, we also have to make sure we are caring for ourselves and staying positive. I do all these things at home and have found so much joy in organizing my home, painting and doing everything I can to stay happy, healthy and optimistic about everything going on in the world. What's one thing you are doing to keep you happy at home? I want to read all about it~ leave a comment below! 


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