Should I start a youtube channel?

Hello, my shiny gems!! I hope self-quarantine is treating you nicely. day 10 for me. I am going crazy with inspirations and so much time to do everything. Where would I even start? Do I want to finish a painting? Start a new painting? Make something cool with crystals? I have found much more joy writing on my blog when it feels like I am just having a normal conversation with a friend, expect the friend doesn't talk back. I have found writing is a great way for me to release my emotions, both positive and negative. Although I wouldn't want to upload my depressing poems online. I want to share my exciting news, life updates and more things coming soon to Divine Beauty! Life can be so fascinating sometimes and I wish I could have recorded most of it. 

For months I have wanted to start a youtube channel, and I did at one point but I also deleted the videos so technically I dont have any videos I made online. I've been watching youtube videos since 2012, I started watching Shane Dawson, Brittani Louise Taylor, Trisha Paytas and more.. as I got older I drifted away from youtube but seemed to keep coming back to the same people I've watched in the early years of youtube. It fascinates me to see what youtube has become throughout the years.

As time went on I would watch makeup tutorials to get ready at night and using youtube more than watching tv. I love the way others would Ever since I was young I always had an extraordinary lifestyle. growing up in Miami, I was always on the go and looking for the next adventure to go on. I could have had some amazing vlogs! haha. I want to produce, direct and edit my own videos. Making a vlog is similar to our old home videos our parents use to make in the '90s but with a fun edited twist. I get so insecure looking at myself talk and act on camera while editing old videos, I feel annoying and I see all my flaws which suck because that's not the way others see me so I never post and just delete all the film. This year, however, im doing something new which is to stop doubting myself and my creative abilities. Now I've asked myself "should I start a youtube channel?" and I think the answer is going to be a new youtube video coming something soon. I have the best camera to film my videos. Im not sure what I will be posting about on that channel, I guess a whole lot of everything! Make sure you subscribe and don't hold your breath for a new video this week. I still have to figure out what that video will be filming. 

subscribe to my new youtube channel :)

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