Staying mindful during my self quarantine

Hello, my divine friends, I hope youre doing well and life is treating you with endless amount abundance this week. As you might have already heard there is a crazy virus going around the globe. COVID19 otherwise known as Coronavirus is being spread throughout the world. As we watched it infect multiple counties around the world it has finally reached the united states and we are currently under a national state of emergency, again. States and cities all over are closing down businesses and store shelves are emptied by panicked shoppers. I am still in complete disbelief with what's happening all over the world and trying to understand it more as time passes, seems like even the doctors and scientist are too...What a crazy plot twist into the new year huh? 

For the past week, I have been trying to cope with self-isolation, social distancing, and have spent every hour looking at the news for any new updates, which are changing by the hour. Last time I was out having a normal life was earlier last week, I got married on the 10th of March, I was planning on celebrating with friends and family that weekend before school started. As Thursday arrived (3/13/2020) it felt like I needed to go to do some grocery shopping before things got really crazy and I am so glad I did. There were long lines and empty shelves in some locations of the store. I didn't stock up in bulk like others, It's only my husband and me, and I usually only go to the store once a month and buy all the house essentials, snacks, some fresh fruits. I also have Hello Fresh deliver meals to my house every week so that helps me plan dinner for most weeknights. Things were getting serious quickly. I didn't get around to celebrating my new marriage but it's okay because from afar we feel the love, and one day in the future we will party again. Thankfully I had extra toilet paper from a previous store run because there was none left! crazy, I dont get it... Nationwide, toilet paper is being sold out. I guess I am not the only one shitting myself over this pandemic.

I have been working very hard to keep myself sane while staying home for days with little interactions with the outside world. I am used to spending most of my time home and I actually enjoy staying home but I also enjoy going shopping 3-4 days a week for an hour, or just going out to eat dinner and have brunch on early Saturday mornings. Luckily I am able to have the ability to stay home and self-quarantine but most are not as lucky. My husband is working hard every day and I stress about him throughout the day while he is away, before I would worry about normal things but now I worry about him even coming in contact with another human because what if they have the virus and dont even know it. That's where I am nervous, still contagious but not one system. how would we know if we are safe to go outside and if we are not, and for how long? There are many heroes here, from the first responders, nurses, doctors, to everyday store employees who should be paid way more. this is no longer a minimum wage job, now it's an essential job - even though we already knew it, none of the fancy jobs are, and the US residents who are staying home and doing their part to lower the spread of this virus.

Now that I am home all day I have to keep myself occupied. As an Aquarius, any chance to escape from the real world and focus on myself and my inner spiritual goals, I'm in! I am a homebody so this isn't very difficult for me but now that I am FORCED to stay home. im going a little crazy and its not at all fun. Now entering week 2 I have run out of "me time" activities and im bored! I have watched TWO Netflix shows, im all caught up in all my other shows, no youtube videos I desire to watch. I have cleaned my house multiple times, gave my dog a bath! (Perfect timing too bc they closed the doggie bath in my community till who knows how long..)

I think that is very important for people who are not used to staying indoors for a long period of time to stay mindful and present in the new everyday routine because it is not good to spend too much time staring out into space letting thoughts, fears, and stress. The word "quarantine" just sounds scary because we have seen in movies that only mutated humans and very very ill people need to be isolated from the world but it doesn't have to be that dramatic and scary. I believe that staying indoors and practicing social distancing is a good idea right now. If you have a backyard go outside and spend time in the sun because that is such a blessing during these stressful times that many in apartments and tight communities don't have (like myself). If you have a dog(s) or kids go out and enjoy a nice walk a few times a day, and enjoy the fresh air. Try to keep your mind on your activities, work, and away from negative scary thoughts and ideas that are probably not accurate. Do your part by staying indoors, dont hoard supplies, and help out anyone you can during this time. stay cautious and take care of yourself and others! 

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