Stones I carry with me everday

Where I am, where I go I have my crystals with me. In my purse, I carry a small bag containing a few crystals to protect me and guide me throughout my journey in the world. Most of the time you will notice crystals around my neck, wrist, fingers, ears and in some hairstyles too and they always rotate depending on the day.

In my bag, I carry around 8 tiny but powerful crystals for many reasons. Amethyst is my favorite stone and used mostly for my anxiety. I can be very scattered when running errands and can be forgetful.
Amethyst comes into action by slowing me down and helping me focus.

Citrine promotes joy and dispels the feeling of depression. Bring light energy into my energy field reminding me to see the bright side of things.

Aquamarine helps with blocked communication and calms the mind resulting in reducing stress.

Tiger Eye helps with accomplishing your goals but also keeping you grounded.

Clear Quartz can absorbs, stores and releases energy, Making it helpful when coming across different energies throughout the day.

Black Tourmaline has the ability to absorb negative energy and protect you from any physic attacks.

Ruby increases concentration and motivation, helping one towards prosperity.

Rhodonite balances emotions surrounding love and humanity, encouraging one to see both sides of a conversation.


All my stones can be used in day to day life. Helping with personal issues such as anxiety and depression. Protection from any negative and ill wishes being cast my way and promoting good communication with those I come across. Do you carry any of the same crystals with you? What's your favorite crystal to use every day? 

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