Tarot Of The Week: Protect your dreams

Tarot Of The Week

Hey there! I wanted to start a weekly tarot card reading in my journal. I mainly do a tarot reading for myself or close friends who ask me. I dont do it professionally and am still learning myself. However, I would like to practice more often. I think I have a good intuition when it comes to tarot reading but like every other spiritual psychic I put my own twist to my method of reading the cards. I dont claim to have all the answers in life or can promise to turn your life around with a one-card reading. 
This is a general reading for those ready to recieve their message. To recieve the card's message you must be opened minded. Some may connect with the card right away and its message while others will want to take a deeper look at the card to see if it resonates with something within themselves. Don't feel discouraged if you dont connect with reading right away. This week's question is "What is something we need to do in 2020?" Using the "Oracle of the Faries" by Karen Kay. As I shuffled the cards together and allow the faries to answer my question a card flys out. 
"You are the guardian of your precious dreams and they are safe in your care. Keep them close to your heart until you're ready to release them"
This card is telling us to keep our dreams and ideas private until we are fully ready to release them into the world. Although it may seem exciting to you and you wish to tell the world about your new idea and share everything you have been working on with everyone you meet, It's not always wise to do so. You may share your dreams with close family and friends. Those you trust with your secrets and will protect your dreams the same way you would. We all have a right to our own secrets, thoughts, desires to ourselves and we all have the right to tell others about them whenever you feel confident to share your desires. Nourishing your dreams every day to make them a reality. By protecting your dreams you help protect the energy surrounding it. While your ideas or projects are still coming into formation it is best to keep it to yourself until you feel ready to show off your work. 
Using only one card from the oracle of fairies deck I have answered the question asked. "What is something we need to do in 2020" and the answer was clear. "Protect your dreams". Now go secure your bag and protect it. Let me know if you connected with this message today or if you didn't. What are some questions you want me to ask?

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