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    For thousands of years millions have studied and documented working with the chakras and the health benefits it provides to the mind and body. Working with chakras is a great way to connect with your own personal spirituality. Studies have said that we have  hundreds energy centers in our bodies and energetic fields. I will be addressing the 7 commonly known chakras, The Root, The Sacral, The Solar Plexus, The Heart, The Throat, The Third Eye and The Crown in 7 different article post. These chakras are said to be spinning wheels of energy located on different areas throughout your body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each individual chakra is connected to organs in the body, emotions, mental attitude, and physical health. They are also connected to certain colors and sounds. The chakras energy is said to hold our consciousness within them, that can be tapped into by mediation and chakra exercises. Well trained mystical practicers are even able to SEE the colors of another's chakra and throughout the human energy field also known as, the aura. Our chakra's energy are affected by how we choose to live our lives and tend to our over all well-being. As one learns to connect and work with each chakra you will bring about a deeper level of healing, wisdom and spiritual awareness. 

     In this article I will be speaking about The Root chakra. The Root chakra got its name from the Sanskrit word "Muladhara" which means "root support" because this charka is all about support. The root chakra is located on the base of the spine. When in balance the root chakra, provides security and stability making sure all your needs are being met. The root chakra is all about our survival, overlooking your adrenal glands which activates your fight-or-flight survival response. When in balance the Root chakra is said to be a bright cherry red color and provides a strong feeling of self-assurance and allowing one to be present in the moment. When it is unbalance it gives off a dull dark red color, life may even feel chaotic and stressful, providing a feeling of not belonging and not succeeding in your goals. It is normal for humans be become unbalanced from time to time, however one must always remember to ground themselves and balance out their root chakra when needed. 

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     There are many ways you can balance, connect and work with your energy to benefit your life on a day to day basis, I will be giving you two examples of grounding work outs. The Root chakra requires one to stay grounded and mindful throughout our day. Being grounded means you are rooted and present in your body and the planet. You can choose to do chakra mediations for the Muladhara and use vibrational sound waves to cleanse the energy. You can find tons of free mediation guides on youtube, try as many different ones as you need till you discover the perfect vibrational wave for you. Another way, and one I do daily is making sure I go outside for 15-20 mins. Stay grounded by going outside and being in around nature. Planting my feet (barefoot or with shoes on) in the earth and admiring the trees shape, the fallen leafs, and feel the wind dance around your body. Being fully present in nature you are able to allow yourself to release any unwanted energy from your body and return it back to earth. 

     Eating a "red" diet is another way to open and connect with your Root chakra by eating naturally red food such as red apples, red grapes, Pomegranates, Beets, and anything that comes directly from the earth, such as carrots, potatoes and other raw vegetables allowing you to connect again with the earth. Some crystals are also used to open, strengthen and heal the root chakra. A few crystals that work with the Root chakra are red and early stones such as Garnet, Smoky Quartz, Red and Brown Jasper, Rhodonite, Bloodstone and Tourmaline. Remember it's important to program your crystals to work with your chakra and cleanse then after each use. 

     Working with my chakras has become second nature to me, whenever I stand, act, and speak I am aware if my chakra is balanced or unbalanced. I have been in this journey for many years, I am proud and can say that I have seen the bright cherry color the root chakra holds. It was only for half a second but without a doubt was there. As you work on your Root chakra, remember there are 6 other chakras to keep open and in balance to manifest your dreams, promote a healthier mind and lifestyle. Keep your feet deep in the earth and stay grounded. 

I have linked a few crystals that we have available for sale in our shop if you are interested in any chakra jewelry accessories. As I continue this new mini series of  chakras feel free to ask questions and come back to read about our next chakra, The Sacral chakra. 


Written by: Valentina Mussio

* all information is sourced from different books, research on the internet and personal work done by myself and how I feel and what know about each chakra personally. 


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