Hello, my divine friends! Can ya'll believe its June already... this year has been a rollercoaster of events. I thought 2012 was a bad and crazy year. Life really has a funny way of showing you, shit can get worse. With everything going on in the world, the global pandemic, the nationwide protest, and all the personal challenges I tend to lose motivation, get in these very bad depressed state where I dont even want to move because it feels like too much work. slowly however I am working on being a better version of myself. Here's a quick life update about how I feel and where I stand with this world today both politically and personally.

Live during Co-vid19, I am still social distancing, and im trying to feel more comfortable being in public areas. although a lot of places are slowly opening up, I am anxious to get my nails done or go shopping like I used to. I miss going out to eat and getting dressed up for date nights. The USA has broken it's recorded a long time ago with having the most infected, we have broken a new record of 2 million. wow. During the late weeks of May to this day, it seems like our invisible enemy has disappeared from our minds and has changed its focus on fighting the racial injustice that has been infecting the USA for too long. The nationwide protest began to break out after the horrible and tragic death of George Floyd, killed in the middle of a busy street with dozens begging along with him to be freed. A viral video that now has changed the world forever. George Floyd did not deserve to die that day but I also believe we are here to complete our divine mission and throughout our lifetime we have to figure out exactly what that is. George Floyd was a man of peace and he wanted to bring peace and justice to the world since he was a child. On May 25, George lost his life by one of the most horrific deaths watched by millions all over the world, Since his death, the cry for peace and justice has been called for in every corner of the earth. 50 states and 18 countries have gone out and protested for justice. Not just for the arrest and conviction of his killers but justice for all the black and brown lives were taken in a system set up to make them fail. For generations we learn about the history and civil rights movements, Today we are experiencing it first hand again. I am proud to say I stand with black lives matter. I am proud of my friends who are speaking out and I've also noticed who hasn't, who stays silent, and who acts like life is going back to normal. I personally am not able to protest in person but that does not mean I will sit back and watch the fight happen without me. 

Last week I donated 100% of my earnings from Divine Beauty Crystal Shop to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and the Black Lives Matter global network. I raised and donated a little over $150.00. I was so happy and grateful to those who shopped with me last week and supported by business because it allows me to do my part and donate. Donating is not the only thing I've done, I have had hard conversations with friends and family who do not seem to understand the movement yet. I am very well informed and knowledgable about history, from civil wars to massacres of races and religions all over the world and the royal families. I'm a history fanatic so watching history repeat itself is not shocking to me and the fact that I can educate others is wonderful however, I can also learn more. I've been watching a few documentaries about black history such as the 13th that on Netflix now. As a Latina who grew up in the united states, I have seen racism at every level. I've been belittled because I didn't have as much they did but because I am fair-skinned, I did not fear for my life walking down the street and I wasn't followed around a store because someone thought I would steal something. Now being fair-skinned didn't mean I didn't struggle or still cant struggle at times but it means I didn't have to fear I wasn't going to come home later that day, I never feared my dad being killed. A cop never yelled in my mother's face but black children do fear these things and witness it for themselves every day.

I understand that I will never understand what it's like being a black person in America but I do understand history. I do know that what's happening is wrong and it's an issue that is at the core of its heart of our system. As the fight continues, it is our job to stand up to our racist friends and family members. We must call our ignorance in our feeds and daily conversation. It doesn't have to be an argument, these conversations are hard to have but important to have. Our children's children will be learning about 2020 in school and wouldn't it be a shame for them to ask you what you did and you say "Nothing?" Personally, for me, it's unacceptable. I am not innocent, there are still things I have to learn, not with only the black community but all around the world. I am not ignorant because I am willing to learn and be taught to be and do better. I pledge to do better and be better for myself and my future.

As we welcome June into our lives, allow this time to teach and be taught about the experience of others. Listen to people's stories rather than telling them how to feel.  Have these hard conversations because you may never know who is willing to speak to you and what they will say. Your views do not have to be the same views as your family members. You are allowed to grow and evolve as a human being. You can break the cycle and embrace a love for ALL. I hope to see you on the right side of justice. 


Artwork made by @StacieBalkaran on Instagram!! 






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