Understanding your birth chart.



   You may be wondering to yourself, what is a birth chart and how do I get one? A birth chart is also known as the natal chart is a snapshot of the cosmos at the very moment you were born. This chart tells you where the stars and planets were located, what your zodiac signs are, and in what house they were in. With this information, you can discover why you are the way you are, learn more about your characteristic traits, habits, and a lot more about your self on a deeper level. For you to unlock the information in your birth chart otherwise known as your natal chart you will need the date, time, and location of your birth. The closer to the exact moment the better. This information may seem like common knowledge but not many people know every detail about their birth like the time or place but as long as we can narrow it down, we can get a closer look at where the planets were located during the birth. No two charts are the same. You may have a friend born on the same dates and while your chart may have a few similarities your location and time of birth make a significant change to the birth charts.



   The zodiac wheel (pictured above) covers all 12 zodiac signs, the 12 houses, and the planets. The planets are located in the center of the wheel so we can see in which sign they were in at the time of birth. Aspects connect the planets. In the zodiac wheel, you will learn all the information you need to learn more about yourself. You will learn about your sun, rising and moon signs. 

   You may have already heard of zodiac signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. When you look into the birth chart you will notice you are not just apart of one zodiac sign but several. The sun sign also is known as "the star sign" because it is not ruled by a planet but by the sun itself. This is the sign people mainly identify with, for example, I was born in early February which makes me an Aquarius. This is the image you give off to the world, It describes a person's basic nature and characteristic traits, both positive and negative. The moon sign is calculated by the position of the moon at the moment of your birth. This sign represents your emotions and inner world. This is the second most important sign because it looks into your soul and what you truly want. The final sign to look for in your birth chart is the rising sign, located on the eastern horizon of the zodiac wheel. The zodiac sign rising above the eastern horizon at the time of birth. This sign represents your social personality in both your inner and outer worlds. 



   Once you have figured out your 3 main signs you can begin to look deeper into the meanings and healing lessons each house, planets, and zodiac sign gives. You discover new information about yourself, verify certain traits, and may even discover a new path in life. Learning your birth chart is only the beginning of discovering yourself and using the universal knowledge of astrology to help you guide yourself through life. You can discover your birth chart on your own, with the help of the internet, there are many apps, websites, and personal readers who can give you a deeper look into your chart. Birth charts do not predict your future and will not answer all your lives questions but it can help understand your characteristics traits and allow you to grow from them.

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