Whats happening with Divine Beauty??!?!

Hello, my gems! 

I have gone completely ghost from my blog and I am so bummed to break my new year's resolution. Although I did not succeed in keeping up with constant posting, the series "crystal of the week" and "Tarot card of the week" hasn't been updated in about almost 2 months and I'm sorry about that. I wanted to do more post but I didn't realize how busy life would be in 2020. I have so much good news for you guys about Divine Beauty! Real soon I will tell you guys everything I have been doing and planning to do in the next 6 months! Now just because I did not post on my blog does not mean I am a failure. I just set a goal that was not actually attainable anymore. I can not post 4 times a week back to back like I originally planned I would but I can try to upload as often as I can and feel confident about my work, whichever form it comes in.

Divine Beauty crystal shop has stopped selling products on our website because of the lack of sales, although divine beauty is a small business and are still working hard for exposure to reach new customers and readers. (although it is a shop, my readers mean just as such and it doesn't cost a penny to read my articles!) Sadly, I am still spending more then I am making.. which is okay on a creative side because I keep creating new content, artwork, and more jewelry but on the business side I am not making what I am spending and I needed something to change. I have paused the site which means it's still active, you may see all our products and read all my blog post but you can not shop directly from the site anymore. However, it doesn't mean you can not shop Divine Beauty. You are still able to shop by emailing us at Divinebeautycrystalshop@gmail.com or direct message us on Instagram. Payments will be made by PayPal only. 

Divine Beauty is going through so many changes and evolving into something new! There is so much coming into fruition this year. I can not spill the beans yet but soon. For the blog, I want to begin writing as much as possible. I have the urge to use this as my divine diary, where I can speak to my readers (You!) and share my thoughts, creative ideas and just catch you up on my divine lifestyle! I have so many tips for you guys using the healing abilities of your crystals and your own energetic frequencies to alter and change your life on a positive path. Now magic doesn't work unless you do, so always keep in mind. your goals and dreams are not fair from you to reach but you must want to put in the effort to reach up and grab them, they won't just fall on your lap. Speak to you gems soon! bye for now. 

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