Darkness Rise Earring

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Made to remove all negative energy around you and allowing to releasing it all for a higher energy to come. Keep yourself mellowed out with this one. Made with a cube shape Smoky Quartz crystal and crescent moon charm. 

Smoky Quartz

  • Promotes positive thoughts & lifts depression.
  • Strengthens concentration.
  • Teaches one to let go.
  • Relieves fears and brings emotional calmness. 
  • Encourages a concern for the environment.
  • Raises vibrations and powerful grounding abilities. 


❥ Each Divine Beauty handmade crystal jewelry is unique and one of a kind. No two crystals are the same. When more than one crystal is available on a listing the jewelry piece will be selected at random by my intuition. If there is a specific one you are attracted to while at check out leave a comment on the note and I will do my best to give you the one you want.

❥ Crystal care; Every crystal is cleansed before being sent to their forever home. Once you receive your Divine Beauty crystal jewelry cleanse and program them before wearing.  

❥  Crystals should not be used as an alternative for medicine. Crystals raise the vibration energy you put out into the crystal and the universe. They can only do so much for you in this physical world. YOU must put the work in and your crystals will assist, protect, and guide you along the way.

❥ Contact me via instagram or email for any questions.