Crystal aftercare

Crystal after care is important after purchasing a Divine Beauty accessory to give your jewelry last longer. The first step is to shop from your favorite crystal shops. Maintaining crystals knowledge is important when keeping your crystals vibrant and protected from damage. Researching your new crystal purchases can be great for when charging them, placing them with other crystals, and meditation work.

Whether you are starting your crystal collection or looking for crystals for positive energy. Crystal aftercare is simple and anyone can do it. Here are 5 ways I make sure my crystals are well cared for in the least tedious ways possible. 

    1. Begin after purchasing a Divine Beauty crystal or crystal accessory, cleansing any energy that is not meant for you. There are many ways to cleanse your crystals, read the blog article "Its time to cleanse your crystals" for more details on crystal cleansing.
    2. Writing down the names of crystals you just purchases incase you forget the name and can always go back to your list of crystal names for reference. There are many ways to discover the right crystal for you, starting with their meanings.
    3. Do not shower, go in the pool or ocean with your Divine Beauty jewelry, although the crystal can be in water and will not be affected, the wire and materials will tarnish as time passes. 
    4. Set crystals or jewelry in a safe location, placing your crystals in an altar for future use is a great way to make sure they do not get lost. 
    5. Protect your crystals from the elements necessary, this is where crystal knowledge comes in handy. Same crystals can be damaged by the elements. Crystals can dissolve with water, others can not handle extreme heat and some fade with too much sunlight.

Crystals can last you many years with the proper care. After several years I still have and wear jewelry I've created or purchased. Although you must keep in mind that jewelry may tarnish the crystal can still be removed and remade into a new accessory or added to the tumble collection. There are many reasons people love to wear jewelry. Keeping it safe and clean is a task we all don't always do but know it's important if we want to enjoy wearing it. 

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