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For millions of years people have documented their knowledge and research about working with the chakras and the health benefits it provides to the mind and body. The chakras help one to connect with their own personal spirituality. Studies have said that we have hundreds energy centers in our bodies and energetic fields. I will be addressing the 7 commonly known chakras, The Root, The Sacral, The Solar Plexus, The Heart, The Throat, The Third Eye and The Crown in 7 different article post. Identified as spinning wheels that contain our subconscious energy located on different areas of the body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each individual chakra is connected to organs in the body, emotions, mental attitude, and physical health. They are also connected to certain colors and sounds. The chakras energy is said to hold our consciousness within them, that can be tapped into by doing a lot of special exercises dedicated for each chakra. Our chakra's energy are affected by how we choose to live our lives and tend to our over all well-being. As one learns to connect and work with each chakra you will bring about a deeper level of healing, wisdom and spiritual awareness. 

In this article I will be speaking about The Third Eye chakra located between the brows of the face. If you have not yet read about The Throat, I recommend you read the previous chakra articles made to learn more about how they work and what you can do to strengthen all your chakras. The Third Eye chakra allows you to have clear thoughts, allowing it to provide and encourage a more visionary perspective in all aspects of life. In western history the The Third Eye chakra has an indigo color with two large pedals on each side. Also known in Sanskrit as the "Anja" which translates to "command" which allows you to surrender to the command and guidance of the guru, while transforming into your true self and become a guru though your spiritual journey. 

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The Third Eye chakra works directly with the spiritual awareness, when this chakra is activated is awakens you begin to detach from illusory suffering of the world and find inner peace within yourself. Everyone is born with these abilities its the only a matter of practice to activate them and learn to use them. The third eye chakra is the driving force of consciousness. A way to tell your third eye is opening is though a constant headaches, for this I lay down for 20 minutes with an amethyst tumble on my third eye, as it reduces headaches and stimulates the third eye. Ways to work out your third eye and activate it can be done by a few exercises you can do everyday. Focus your mediation on your third eye, you may see flashing lights, go with it, don't let it discourage you, I usually had crystals and aromatherpay that work directly with the third eye such as Amethyst, to activate it and Sodalite to deepen mediation. Doing yoga and focusing on your breathing while including these extra tools is a great way to keep your body moving, healthy and expanding your spiritual field. 

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Working with The Third Eye is finding the balance between pleasure and detachment creating a perfect harmony. The chakras are meant to be activated from the root to the crown, each chakra allows one to feel more confident in ones own personality, emotions, mental and spiritual changes occur to find your own personal path to enlightenment. As I come to an almost end to this new mini series of the chakras feel free to ask questions and come back to read about our next chakra I will be writing about will be the final chakra, The Crown.  

Written by: Valentina Mussio

* all information is sourced from different books, research on the internet and personal work done by myself and how I feel and what know about each chakra personally. 

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