My Crystal. My Energy

My crystals. My energy. What do I mean by that? Well it’s a polite way to tell others not to touch my crystal collection. Your collection is personal and you have selected the crystals that have attracted you to their divine energy. Each stone you own is special and hand selected for you. 

Crystals hold higher vibrational frequencies that help absorbs, radiates, and navigates energy. Although allowing others to touch and examine your crystal collection is entirely up to you, I like to be selective on which crystals I like to use as demonstrated and display for others to see and touch. 

There are a few ways to respectfully tell children and adults that certain crystals and other items you find of importance is not to be touched. 

  • Store away any crystals you use often and are of more importance to you. This way they will not even notice it’s existence. Out of sight, out of mind. I do this with crystals I carry around in my purse. 
  • Be vocal about what can and can’t be touch. Most people are very understanding about crystal care even if they don’t understand it themselves. They will respect your home rules if you are able to express yourself about them.

Having crystals out on display and putting them away everything guest arrive can be a tedious and unnecessary chore to some. Sometimes guest might come and you will allow them to touch, examine and feel out your crystals. Sometimes you may even feel the push to give one or two away. Having a few crystals out for guest to look at, ask questions about and expand their own knowledge of crystals is my favorite thing about crystal displays.  

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