Embrace Your Inner Beauty

What is Divine Beauty?
Divine Beauty Crystal Shop is a small business ran by a Latina entrepreneur named Valentina. Created in 2018, Divine Beauty creates handmade crystal jewelry and artwork. Divine Beauty has been an idea that has been manifesting inside my mind and dreams for many years and has now come into fruition. Divine Beauty is both a crystal shop and thrift store boutique, with our own thrift store on Depop, where we sell preloved clothings, accessories and more. Divine Beauty creates and sells pre-made handmade crystal jewelry and custom orders.
What is our mission with Divine Beauty?
Divine Beauty's main goal is to remind people to embrace their inner beauty. Being able to embrace who you are no matter the struggles one has endured is a powerful thing.
With our crystal jewelry we hope to encourage people to welcoming the positive guidance a crystal provides. Each stone contains different properties to help rise energetic vibrations, clear negative energy and promote spiritual growth. 
With our blog we hope to educate people in topics about spirituality, crystal healing, energy work. Asking and answering the same questions I had years ago and even answer questions I've recently answered myself. As I continue to grow with my own spirituality I hope to share my knowledge as much as I can. 
Meet the creator.
My name is Valentina, I am the creator behind everything Divine Beauty. All the crystal jewelry - unless mentioned otherwise - is made by me. I have manifested my own business since I was a little girl creating jewelry in my bedroom with plastic beads and selling them to my parents friends for $1. I was always daydreaming about having my own store and when timing was right, I began created Divine Beauty. As a young entrepreneur and artist, my hands are always working on creating something new for Divine Beauty.
Spiritually, I have always been somewhat self aware about myself. I always had an interest in crystals and energy work all my life. As a child I was had many intuitive dreams and during my young adolescence I seem to fall back asleep until my late teens. My spiritual journey began in 2014 and in 2018 I suffered a major loss which triggered a huge awaking inside me. I created Divine Beauty and continue to grow in my professional and personal life. I am always learning new things, fixing mistakes, and working to grow and improve in every aspect of life. I look forward to creating my dreams into reality and providing a safe space for others to learn about spiritually and embrace their true self. 


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