Cleanse your home for guest

If you are like me, you probably love hosting dinner parties and having friends and family visit you from near and far. One habit I enjoy is to cleanse my house before and after guest arrive to my home. Usually these rituals are normal to everyday house work but with a spiritual and energetic twist. Anytime a guest leaves your home it is okay, no matter how close you guys are to cleanse and reset the energy in your home. Providing a cleansed environment for guest regardless of their knowledge of energy work or their sensitivity to the energy in rooms they will notice a light and open space within your home, encouraging them to come back.

I like to begin with cleaning my home as I would normally and while I clean I like to set intentions in every room as I go. You can do this action out loud or in your head but it must be done with your energy. Providing positive affirmations throughout the house placing these intentions in its proper area. If you will be cooking, imagine lovely meals being made that your guest will love and possibly assist you in creating. Some recipes ideas might even pop up in your head while you’re cleaning up the kitchen. If someone is going to sleep in a room, I like to imagine them having a restful nights sleep. I create space for their belongings so they feel some what at home because that is always the goal when family and friends stay with you, for them to feel right at home. Aside from using your regular cleaning products I like to include moon water from the full moon that was previously collected, however moon water is not needed. Moon water can be used to wash counters, bathrooms, floors and anywhere you clean with water, substituting any regular tap water you may use while cleaning. Another way to include moon water in your cleansing ritual can be to replace the water for flower you may have in vases and watering any planets around the house. 

Aromatherapy is one of my favorite forms of cleansing my home. I feel like this technique is very lovely but can also ruin someone’s experience in your home if they are sensitive to certain smells, so be cautious to not over scent your home. By cleaning your home you’ve already provide a clean home smell, aromatherapy can be a hit or miss with people so you must choose wisely which essential oils you are going to be using. Rose is a soft smell and heightens the vibrational frequencies. Lavender provides a relaxing feeling and is great for restful sleep. Eucalyptus is great for those with sensitive noses while it cleanses and purifies the energy in a room. There are many ways you can include aromatherapy in your home, such as essential oil diffusers, candles and wax melts. Having any of these on before your guest arrive and during the time your guest are in your home is a great way to have your home constantly being cleansed, keeping the energy light while providing a great soft smell to the home. I would not recommend leaving it on for many hours because the smell can give people a migraine due to the scents.


Once your home is clean, cleansed and smelling good, you are ready to welcome guest into your home. The tips provided are all financially friendly because most of these items I listed such as essential oils, candles and it’s materials are already in most households. The main ingredient to all of this is your positive and pure in intentions. You can choose whichever scents, cleaning products you went but your energy is what will set the direction of creating a positive environment to host. Once your guest are gone your next step to resetting the home is to clean and cleanse the environment one more time. Removing and releasing any energy that may have been left behind. For this you will need a smudging tool of your choice, cleanse the areas they spend most of their time in thoroughly while releasing any unneeded energy back into the universe. Once you have reset the energy in your home there will not be any extra energies that do not belong to you or any others who may live in the same house. You can cleanse your home whenever you feel necessary, there is no wrong or right way to cleanse your home, all you need is pure, positive, and healing energy while cleansing your environment. 

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