Lets Talk About Chakras: The Heart

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For millions of years people have documented their knowledge and research about working with the chakras and the health benefits it provides to the mind and body. The chakras help one to connect with their own personal spirituality. Studies have said that we have hundreds energy centers in our bodies and energetic fields. I will be addressing the 7 commonly known chakras, The Root, The Sacral, The Solar Plexus, The Heart, The Throat, The Third Eye and The Crown in 7 different article post. Identified as spinning wheels that contain our subconscious energy located on different areas of the body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each individual chakra is connected to organs in the body, emotions, mental attitude, and physical health. They are also connected to certain colors and sounds. The chakras energy is said to hold our consciousness within them, that can be tapped into by doing a lot of special exercises dedicated for each chakra. Our chakra's energy are affected by how we choose to live our lives and tend to our over all well-being. As one learns to connect and work with each chakra you will bring about a deeper level of healing, wisdom and spiritual awareness. 

In this article I will be speaking about The Heart chakra. located right above the Solar Plexus charka, If you have not yet read about The Solar Plexus, I recommend you give it a read and the previous chakra articles made to learn more about how they work and what you can do to strengthen all your chakras. The heart chakra holds all the power of love one can give and receive. It's all about the higher energies of love and compassion, it guides over friendship and romance. When this chakra is healthy and balanced, once feels a warm energy of love for yourself and others, feeling loved and appreciated.

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"Anahata" is the Sanskrit word for "unstuck" and refers to the heart chakra. The Heart Chakra is made of 12 flower petals surrounding a star with 6 pointer star. This chakra is located in the center of the chest and has a bright emerald color like glow. This color can become brighter when the chakra is healthy and seem more dull color when it is unbalanced. There are many ways to encourage a healthy heart chakra with simple energy workouts 

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Being content in how life is currently going promotes a healthy heart chakra. A great way to feel its unconditional love and help raise the vibrations in your heart chakra one would choose to spend time with a young child or loving pets. Children are honest and are naturally kind, loving beings. A child are more connected to the divine source. their hearts are filled with pureness and love. They have tons of love to give during this time and once a child grows into a teenager and then an adult, they tend to lose that natural ability to enjoy life and spread love everywhere. Domestic animals are very common is most American household and we can all agree that no matter what you do, your house pet will always love you and show you that unconditional affection. Cats, dogs, bunnies and any other animal you may find a connection with can give you unconditional love. if you do not have a pet of your own, a friends or family members pet will do just fine. Spending time with your pets can improve the energy in your heart chakra. 

Similar to taking action and embracing love, one must feed themselves that same love in return. Remembering to tell yourself "I love myself" "I am worthy of love" and other self loving affirmations and waken that energy inside you, try it for 20 days straight and you'll never stop doing it. Showing love and kindness to others and ourselves encourage a healthy chakra cycle. One act of kindness can energize each chakra differently, and provides the soul a very happy and blissful state of being. Feeding your body the nutrients that are the the same color as your chakra, in this case you would be eat tons of green fruit and vegetables such as apples, kiwi, lettuce, and broccoli. Embracing all the soothing love that comes from the color green gives. 

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To keep your The Heart chakra bright and filled with life, mediation is a very important task when working with your own energy. As I continue this new mini series of the chakras feel free to ask questions and come back to read about our next chakra, The Throat Chakra. 


Written by: Valentina Mussio

* all information is sourced from different books, research on the internet and personal work done by myself and how I feel and what know about each chakra personally. 

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