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 For millions of years people have documented their knowledge and research about working with the chakras and the health benefits it provides to the mind and body. The chakras help one to connect with their own personal spirituality. Studies have said that we have hundreds energy centers in our bodies and energetic fields. I will be addressing the 7 commonly known chakras, The Root, The Sacral, The Solar Plexus, The Heart, The Throat, The Third Eye and The Crown in 7 different article post. Identified as spinning wheels that contain our subconscious energy located on different areas of the body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each individual chakra is connected to organs in the body, emotions, mental attitude, and physical health. They are also connected to certain colors and sounds. The chakras energy is said to hold our consciousness within them, that can be tapped into by doing a lot of special exercises dedicated for each chakra. Our chakra's energy are affected by how we choose to live our lives and tend to our over all well-being. As one learns to connect and work with each chakra you will bring about a deeper level of healing, wisdom and spiritual awareness.

     In this article, I will be speaking about The Sacral chakra, located right above the root chakra, If you have not yet read about The Root Chakra I recommend you give it a read as well to strengthen all your chakras and identifying their locations on the body and responsibility to the mind, body and spirit. The Sacral is located in the lower abdomen of the body. In western history this chakra is said to be a bright orange, similar to the fruit, while other places history explains it to be more gold color light. I will focus directly on the western study where the Sacral is orange. 

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     The Sacral chakra other wise known as the "Svadhishthana". Svadhishthana translates into "sweetness" in the Sanskrit language. This is chakra is all about feeling good. The Sacral is about creativity and embracing all the sweetness of life. At it healthiest and brightest this chakra encourages one to live life to the fullest and assist in the power to manifest one's dream. Working with many organs in the lower abdomen such as the uterus, genitals, kidneys, bladder, prostate and sacral nerve plexus. When unbalanced one can suffer from certain issues regarding the organs it works with regularly. To encourage a healthy and bright chakra, one must take in that extra responsibility to stimulate your chakra's energy. For a healthier and balanced Sacral Chakra you must do everything that makes you happy. Since this chakra encourages one to accept the beauty in little things and sit down to enjoy these mini acitivities helps brighten up and clear your chakra of any negative energy stick around your energetic field. For example, everyday I make time to continue a painting I've been working on, create new jewelry, or write in my journal. These little actions that take 30-60 minutes a day help provide so much happiness and peace into my day. This chakra when balanced feels as if anything is possible, making one feel hopeful and full of life.

     A healthy Sacral Chakra must be nourished with organic fruits and vegetables grown from the earth that benefit the color and energy for it to stay bright and powerful. Common foods used to encourage the spiritual growth and the life of the Sacral Chakra are ones that are filled with Omega-3 like salmon, flax seeds, and almonds. Orange colored fruits and vegetables such as, carrots, mangos, cantaloupes and pumpkin can be used as well to increase the energetic vibrations of the Sacral chakra. Crystals are commonly used during mediations when working directly with the chakras, A few crystals used to balance and infuse positive energy into the Sacral Chakra are orange based and earth toned stones such as Amber,  Sunstone, Carnelian, Goldstone, Orange Calcite and Tiger eye. It is always important to cleanse your stones before and after healing work, or wearing them out into the world. Clearing its energy allows your stone to work clearly for you once programed.

There are many ways to keep your Sacral chakra bright and filled with life, mediation is a very important task when working with spirituality, the ability to slow down and stop for some time to be present in the moment you most desire, the nothingness of mediation helps fill one up with positive energy and influence the creation of new ideas. When mediating with your Sacral Chakra imagine a bright orange light coming from your lower abdomen and with every breath it grows. As I continue this new mini series of  chakras feel free to ask questions and come back to read about our next chakra, The Solar Plexus.

Written by: Valentina

* all information is sourced from different books, research on the internet and personal work done by myself and how I feel and what know about each chakra personally. 

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