Reasons to wear crystal jewelry.

For Thousands of years people have worn jewelry and other body accessories as a form of fashion. As styles come and go, make a come back every decade or so we are spoiled with many accessories to wear, own and gift, such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, charms, etc. I have loved jewelry my entire life. Did you know there was a time when only the rich, royals and high priest where the only ones who wore crystal jewelry. High priest wore gold chest plates with a variety of crystal gemstones placed in a square shape. During this time for a person this stated power and status. In modern times to see many people wearing crystals in some sort of jewelry accessory is common as the knowledge of crystals and their properties is spread to others. As far as we can remember people have used crystal jewelry as a talisman for protection against ill-wishes, psychic attacks, and harm to the body. Bring them positive energy and abundance on their journeys. 

There are many benefits to wearing crystal jewelry.
  • Boost your energy and mood. 
  • Clean the energy around you.
  • Boost your self confidence.
  • Attracts love of all kind.
  • Provides protection to your being.
  • Attracts and keeps wealth. 
  • Enhances the intuition.
  • Provides abundance. 
  • Promotes healing, mentally, physically and spiritually.
  • Removes negative energy from ones surrounding enviorment.
 Crystals are one of the oldest mystical forms of healing and protecting the divine being. As they enhance the energetic frequencies in ones energetic field, especially when it is chosen with intention and has been programed for its cause. Crystals act as a mirror to ones own energy and actions. They can assist you during your journey but will not grant you wishes. Crystals although mystical in their own way do not hold magical properties so you must do you part and care for them by cleansing and programing them. Finding the crystals that are best for you can be easy when you know what you're looking for. 

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