Meet The Creator Of Divine Beauty..

 Hi! My name if Valentina and I am the creator of Divine Beauty. I create all wire wrap crystal jewelry accessories and artwork, and write for our divine journal. Divine Beauty is my creative happy place where I can release all my creative energy in. From jewelry designs, photography, journaling, and doing all the super interesting parts that goes on behind the scenes of running an online small business, I do it all. Divine Beauty was only created in mid 2018 but has been a dream manifesting for many years before.

Divine Beauty is more than just a small shop. It's a way of life, Divine Beauty is inside all of us and although sometimes times things get tough for us, once we focus on our divine power and inner beauty we can overcome and accomplish so much more. Divine Beauty reminds you to stand for what you believe in, being transparent and proud of your journey no matter how though it was to begin. 

I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. Growing up I would pretend I had my own store in my bedroom with all the silly childish crafts that I created, 12 years later those silly little crafts turned into wire wrap jewelry accessories. Divine Beauty has only been around for a short time and we continue to grow and expand everyday. As a one woman shop I work hard everyday to create the website where my customers can shop for mystical tools to raise their vibrations and read my spiritual articles to help enhance and encourage their spiritual knowledge and do more research. As we grow our inventory will grow with us, I hope you stay around to see our growth. 

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