Mystical kit starter pack

   Shopping for crystals and divine tools are my favorite. To start working with crystals and have a crystal collection you do not need to have all the crystals in the world or even the biggest crystals. All you need is a few crystals that you have collected, a smudging tool and good intentions for all your protection, clean and love energy, and manifestations needs. I know I'm not the only one who can't get enough of buying crystals. Discovering a new crystal and bring it home to add to my collection is one of my favorite thing to do. My personal collection is constantly growing but we all have to start somewhere. 


➸ Begin your collection with these easily obtained crystals.

   ♦ Radiate unconditional love of all kinds with Rose Quartz.

♦ Amplify energy and receive clarity with Clear Quartz.

♦ Enhances spiritual connections with Amethyst.

♦ Attract abundance, success and joy with Citrine.

♦ Encouraging self-expression with Aquamarine.

I have listed a few crystals I love and use with a quick introduction to them. You can discover the deeper meaning by reading more on a certain crystal or tools that you are interested in. If you don't know which crystal to choose, choose the one your most attracted to, write down the name and go home and discover all about your mystery stone and how it will help you with your journey. 



➸ Smudging tools to cleanse the energy.

♦ For energy protection and removal of negative energy use Palo Santo.

♦ To cleanse crystals and purify the energy overall use White Sage.

♦  To promote restful sleep use Lavender. 

♦ To encourage success and reduce anxiety use Bay Leaves.

Welcome in some healing and healthy by using Eucalyptus.

You will need something to catch the ash as you wonder around and cleanse your environment. A large clamshell or seashell will work just fine and give a more earthy vibe to your smudging kit.



➸ Have good intentions while working on your craft!

 Trust your power and your words.

♦ Don't doubt yourself! Trust your intuition and believe in your energy.

Stay focused on your goal! Be clear about what you want. 

Use this method whenever you are cleansing a space or object, casting protection spells, speaking with spirits and continue to explore your spiritual journey. Do not do harm to other as the saying "what ye send out comes back to thee" is very very true. 

Now you can begin to explore your spiritual side and are ready to start or continue your collection of mystical treasures. As you continue your journey into the mystical world of a higher frequency I encourage you to do your own research, read books, watch videos, and don't feel shy to ask friends and elders you trust questions about subjects you may want to know more about. You never know where what another may have experienced and is willing to share.


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