Crystals for the road

One of my favorite forms of traveling is by car. I have done multiple road trips around the east coast and the mid west with my husband. We have even taken our huskies on a few road adventures. One thing I never leave my house with when traveling anywhere are my road trip crystals. I carry crystals with me in different forms, such as car decor, jewelry accessories and crystal tumbles. 

Before leaving the house I make sure to cleanse the crystals and program them for the drive. There are many ways to cleanse them, I like to use to selenite plate for a quick and mess free cleanse. These are the crystals I like to include during my road trip travels. 

Black Tourmaline absorbs negative energy, clearing the energy in the car providing positive and protective environment.

Tiger eye opens the eyes and intuition while driving long hours and brings luck to those using it.

Malachite helps reduce fears while driving long distance and warns off against accidents.

Amethyst helps encourage motivation and reduces anxiety when traveling long distance through new locations.

Rhodonite encourages one to stay calm during stressful situations, providing confidence when driving to new locations. 

Jasper promotes a soothing sense of joy that can be shared with others, while creating a sense of harmony. 

When selecting and programing your crystals for travel you can take more crystals then what I have listed. I also like to include Clear Quartz to amplify the crystals energy, a Carnelian to charge any crystals I need on the way. Cleansing your vehicle with sage before and after traveling can also cleanse and open the energy in the environment but it’s not necedue to the smoke and aroma it leaves behind. 

Remember that crystals are just there to help you with your energetic frequencies to help achieve your goals, however they are not magic tools that make things happen for you, you must do the work by making sure your car is up to date and ready to travel long distance. Never put yourself in situations you wouldn’t want to be in such as stopping in dark locations especially when traveling alone. I always recommend taking road trips with another person such as your partner or best friends. Road trips and adventures are so much better when you are able to safely share them with others. 

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