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     Divine Beauty now has its own thrift shop on Depop. I have opened my own thrift store from items that belonged to my personal closet. Depop is a website where you are able to list any and all your clothing items you wouldn't mind parting ways with, that are in good condition. I have always had a habit of going through my closet every 6 months and seeing what I no longer wear, what I wear everyday and what I bought but never used. Since I was young I would donate my clothing to others who needed the clothing i've outgrew and as I got older I started to learn about companies who would buy your clothing for $4-8 a piece and sell it to their customer for double or triple the price they bought them for. I learned my lesson there, in my option thats just not fair! I believe that Depop is a great site for everyone to use because you can price your own personal items and ship them out yourself. Many use the site to sell and purchase new clothing or saving money for something special. For me, my Depop store is another outlet for me to support my dream, Divine Beauty.

     I want to speak a little more in detail about my store. I sell all my clothing for 40%-60% off the original retail price that I bought it for. Everything in my closet has been preloved before and lightly worn. My shop currently only has a few sizes from xSmall - Medium and carrying items for woman because I am a little lady and if this becomes a full side hustle I would love to add more sizes of clothing I am able to get my hands on. However I do have tons of accessories such as belts, purses, hats and jewelry available for everyone to love. I have brand new with tag swimwear, Summer dresses, Fall attire and beautiful shoes. Take a peek of my shop and help encourage my dreams. Ask me questions about any items through my Depop massager. If you do not have a Depop account and would like to purchase something you see on my site, contact me via instagram or email for inquiries. 






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