Its time to cleanse your crystals!

 What are crystals and why do I need to cleanse them so often? Well, I'll tell you!

   Crystals are geometrically shaped solid objects created by the earth. Crystals were created when the earth was formed millions of years ago. They continue to metamorphose as the earth itself goes through its own changes. Crystals are the earths DNA, recording all the years of evolution the earth has encountered. Crystals are created by enormous pressure, grown deep underground, laid down in layers, and dripping from caves. Wherever the crystal was created affects their properties and the way they function. In any form they take the crystalline structure can still absorb, store, focus and discharge energy. 


   Without cleansing your crystals and activating them, they won't work. Just like humans crystals need a purpose or "task" to know what to do next. Crystals are very fragile and can be damaged just by improper care. Educating yourself in your gemstones is important because you don't want to accidentally scratch it with salt, dissolve your crystal in water or have it fade from constant sunlight. 

   Crystal care is important if you want crystals to last a long time and radiate the best vibrate and purest energy. Setting a day or a few hours aside to spend time with your crystals and care for them is important, bonding with your crystals help them learn and work with your energy to give the help and support you where needed. Some have a whole day dedicated to connecting with crystals, mediating with nature and cleansing all the crystals. You should always cleanse a crystal when gifted or newly bought. Crystals should be cleansed often especially if it's a crystal used often, to wearing out and for healing purposes. 

   There are many methods when it comes to cleansing your crystals. Depending on your personal collection the best methods will come naturally to you. Learning which crystals can do what and where you are setting them up is important, a crystal should be looked at as a tool to expand and protect our energetic field. To protect crystals from scratching and absorbing foreign energy place the crystal in a silk or velvet pouch, Make sure you store crystals separate to protect them from chipping - I've made this mistake a few times. Crystals that are layered or clustered can actually separate from each other and lose pieces by being stored in a careless location. Tumble crystals are the most durable crystals and can be stored together in a pouch if not being used or displayed. Crystals such as Citrine and Kyanite are self cleaning. Crystals such as Clear Quartz and Carnelian cleanse other crystals but may need to be cleansed themselves after. Here are some ways you can cleanse your crystals easily and safely. 
  ♦ Hold under running water or in body of water.
 ♦ Place in a bowl of rice overnight.
 ♦ Place under moon when its full.
 ♦ In direct sunlight for a short amount of time
 ♦ Visual light cleansing- Imagine negative energy leaving the crystals
 ♦ Pass the crystal over the light from a candle.
 ♦Place a small crystal on a Clear Quartz cluster over night.
 ♦ Smudge the crystal with sage by passing the stone through the smoke.
 ♦ Place in a bowl of salt- brush off salt residue after.
 ♦ Place crystals in a pot of dirt overnight - brush off residue after
 ♦ Healing sound waves for crystals
   An important part of cleansing your crystals is having clear intentions while working with them. As you are cleansing your crystals in the method you choose imagine all the negative energy being released from the crystal and becoming brighter and lighter as you work with it. Purifying your crystals is only step one to activating its energy, having a clear idea of what you want your crystal(s) to do. Once you have completed cleansing your stone and are ready to work with it again you have to program them all over again after every cleanse. Hold the crystal in your hand and close your eyes. You can say it our loud, in a whisper or in your head "I dedicate this crystals for its highest good to support me on my journey, I direct this...(name of crystal) to... (what you wish to use this crystal for). If you have a more direct and specific purpose for them, you can state clearly what it is. Once you have completed cleansing and programing your crystal place it back in your alter or in a location you will constantly see it. If you do not plan to use certain crystals putting them away in a secure bag to protect its energy or location where it will not be damaged by another object or in constant sunlight. Make caring for your crystals a habit in your life, just like cleaning your room, washing your clothes and brushing your teeth. You can cleanse and program your crystals as often as you feel its needed. 

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