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 For millions of years people have documented their knowledge and research about working with the chakras and the health benefits it provides to the mind and body. The chakras help one to connect with their own personal spirituality. Studies have said that we have hundreds energy centers in our bodies and energetic fields. I will be addressing the 7 commonly known chakras, The Root, The Sacral, The Solar Plexus, The Heart, The Throat, The Third Eye and The Crown in 7 different article post. Identified as spinning wheels that contain our subconscious energy located on different areas of the body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each individual chakra is connected to organs in the body, emotions, mental attitude, and physical health. They are also connected to certain colors and sounds. The chakras energy is said to hold our consciousness within them, that can be tapped into by doing a lot of special exercises dedicated for each chakra. Our chakra's energy are affected by how we choose to live our lives and tend to our over all well-being. As one learns to connect and work with each chakra you will bring about a deeper level of healing, wisdom and spiritual awareness. 

In this article I will be speaking about The Solar Plexus chakralocated right above the Sacral charka, If you have not yet read about The Sacral Chakra, I recommend you give it a read and the previous chakra articles made to learn more about how they work and what you can do to strengthen your chakras. The Solar Plexus is located above the belly button and it is the self will and holds the power you have inside you waiting to be unlocked.

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The Solar Plexus also knows as "Manipure" in Sanskrit, meaning "Lustrous gem." Known to have a bright yellow glow to it this chakra holds your self-confidence, assertiveness and personal power. The Solar Plexus is where all your unique qualities are created. When this chakra energy is balanced one will filled with high self-esteem, self-assurance, freedom and independent. This rush of energy will help one complete the goals they set out for themselves and when completed a feeling of self assurance and a raise in confidence will happen. This will continue to fuel your energy when being active in the physical world creating  a bright path for a successful routine and life. 

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To help encourage my Solar Plexus to stay bright and healthy I work on things that I want to build success in such as my business, mental health and physical health. For encouraging a high self esteem there are a few exercises you can do, such as treating yourself with kindness and respect. When the Solar Plexus is unbalanced or over stimulated one will be a raise in emotions such as anger and irritation that can be suppressed inside or expressed during inappropriate situations. Those who are short tempered need to balance and soothe their Solar Plexus chakra. To balance and brighten your chakra by using different shades of the color yellow to boost different effects. A bright yellow gives off positive and cheerful energy while a more pale yellow gives off a relaxing energy.  With daily routine to work on your Solar Plexus chakra can seen difficult but its not, by doing this you build and strengthen your stamina and endurance for a successful path in life. 

The third chakra is one of the main chakras to focus on because this is where your confidence lays. Claiming back your power and putting them into action raises your vibrations and guide the energy to work in the directions to reach your goals. This chakra holds the power to create a successful life where you can live your authentic self. 

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To keep your Solar Plexus chakra bright and filled with life, mediation is a very important task when working with your own energy, the ability to slow down and stop for some time to be present in the moment to figure out what will benefit you and how to make it happen. The nothingness of mediation helps fill one up with positive energy and influence the creation of new ideas. When mediating with your Solar Plexus imagine a bright yellow light coming from above your belly button area and visualize with every breath it growing, calling back your power to give your strength for the new day or week. As I continue this new mini series of  chakras feel free to ask questions and come back to read about our next chakra, The Heart Chakra.


Written by: Valentina Mussio

* all information is sourced from different books, research on the internet and personal work done by myself and how I feel and what know about each chakra personally. 

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