Smudging your enviorment


   Wherever you live and work at is a secrete space for everyone. Home is the place to relax and gather ourselves while we step away from society, here is where you rest, eat, and breathe in full comfort. Work is where you are productive, focused and energized to get things done. Both are very important spaces that need to be cared for so that way you can be able to exile in your task. Your environment influences your mood and how productive you will be that day. Many of us have multiple places we visit on a daily basis. A positive habit I have adopted throughout the years is smudging my home and workspace as often as I feel necessary because I do spend a lot of time in these areas tons of left over energy can still be floating around, I can't focus on work knowing I have empty water bottles and papers on my floor or dirty dishes in my sink before bed. To help improve the energy in these sacred areas I like to smudge the negative and unhelpful energy away and welcome new clear, lifting energy to take its place.  

   Smudging away the negative and dull energy in the sacred areas you frequently visit by using dried white sage, Palo Santo, a handcrafted smudge stick, incense or other dried herbs and woods that are safe to burn. Removing energy that does not serve anymore and opening space for positive energetic vibrations influences your space can improve your overall well being, change your mood during the day and encourage a more productive day. Smudging has many benefits. Improving the energy in the room making individuals feel motivated and have a clear mind to focus on what needs to get done. You can use any sage stick you want. You can buy sage sticks at your local crystal shop or online small business, some even grow their own herbs and create the smudge sticks by hand. Buying white sage can be controversial because of its history through the industry, there was a point in time where white sage was actually illegal to burn. The best sage you can purchase would be from a residential native American store, since they are the original people using sage in the western spiritual rituals. I wouldn't recommend buying sage and spiritual shop from "5 and below" or any other big cooperate companies who are taking advantage of the rise in interest in mystical and spiritual goods. Where you shop matters. 

   Once you have your smudging tool, set one end on fire and gently blow out the flames so only smoking is being released. Carry a plate underneath your tool to sit in case any pieces fall out and catch fire - I've burned my carpet before. You can do this to any place in your home, work, car, etc. Begin by making a clockwise motion with your hand. Set your intention early on and visualize the smoke removing all energy that no longer serves you. Welcome new opportunities, abundance, and prosperity into your space. As you smudge you area imagine all the negativity you wish to remove drift away with the smoke and your tool providing new and soothing energy . Picture a light coming out of your spiritual tool and entering your space with fresh new energy. Before I turn off my sage after finishing smudging any room or space I turn the sage stick on me and give my body a quick scan to cleanse my energetic field for any lingering negative energy.

Be cautious when you have finishing smudging your environment and are turning off your sage stick. Open windows and doors when you are smudging indoors to allow the smoke to find a way out and not have the fire department thinking your house is up in smoke. You will contribute a large amount of smoke while smudging so making sure you're opening any cracks for the smoke to find its way out. You will be left with a fresh smell of whatever herbs you were burning and light and clean energy for you to be productive in. Do this at the end or beginning of each month to refresh the energies surrounding you where you feel appropriate to smudge. You can even make this a daily habit for energy that was created during a stressful workday or week. 


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