Embrace Your Inner Beauty


Calling all curious minds and traveling souls. Divine Beauty Crystal Shop welcomes all whom are willing to learn and expand their mindset. Interested in energy work, crystals, fashion and embracing your inner beauty? Divine Beauty is here to serve the collective by encouraging other to look at the beauty within and use its energy to benefit our outer reality. 
I started Divine Beauty Crystal Shop because I wanted to combine my love for crystals, spirituality, and fashion together in one space. Divine Beauty Crystal Shop is growing every week and with that so is our inventory. I have been crafting a creating my own jewelry since I was a little girl, in 2018 I began plotting my shop, went through many trial and error I learned a lot and expanded my abilities. I created this space to express my passion and provide spiritual knowledge to the collective and help open the mind of others to questions and topics they didn't think about before. With Divine Beauty Crystal Shop's journal I wanted to create a blog where we would ask and answer all the questions most of us have tend to ask when beginning or continuing a spiritual awaking. This will assist those who are confused on where and how to start their journey. Asking and answering questions one might be afraid to ask others with the fear of being judged. Helping improve ones lifestyle and encourage a new way of life. As Divine Beauty Crystal Shop continues to grow we will be welcoming more team members. 
My name is Valentina and I am the owner of Divine Beauty Crystal Shop. I am a wife and dog mom of two beautiful Siberian Huskies currently living in Texas. I am always working on ways to improve the shop. When I am not creating new products or working on the shop itself, I spend my time learning more marketing and business skills. I am also actively going to classes to learn a new language. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family during the off days. I love traveling to new locations and experiencing new things that push me out of my comfort zone. I love spending time alone to take care of my energy and recharge. 
I have been creating jewelry since I was about 7 years old, in my teens I knew I loved working in retail and always imagined how I would handle my own store and employees. When I reached my early 20s I decided to stop day-dreaming and begin putting everything into action, today we are here, with my own online business and growing. 
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