Meet Divine Beauty founder and creator, Valentina Singh
Hey there!!! Welcome to my site! 
I would like to begin by saying, Thank you for coming to Divine Beauty and supporting my dreams. My name is Valentina Singh and I am 24 years old. I've spent my entire life in South Florida, where my small business began being manifested into the reality it is today. Now Divine Beauty Crystal Shop is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I moved to Wisconsin with my husband in end of 2018. Ever since I could remember I have always been a tinker, messing with all sorts of things turning them into something new and different. Since I was very young my parents would buy me plastic and wooden beads to make all sorts of things, I would even sell them to my parents friends when they came over our house. I would create an entire "store" in my bedroom. As I got older I forgot all about my bedroom business and began creating  bracelets, decorative face mask, cuffs and more tons more out of plastic beads named "Kandi" for music festivals events. For years I would gather with friends or alone and created amazing Kandi to give out and share with strangers. I still have a few Kandi bracelets that were given to me by a few of the strangers I met during that exciting part of my life. I have been a fan of arts and crafts my whole young life and still am. I am always buying, thrifting and picking up random pieces that can work for art projects in the near or very far future but as an artist i like to keep EVERYTHING, just in case..
As I created Divine Beauty Crystal Shop and continue to learn new marketing skills, broaden my network and expand my Divine Beauty brand as a whole I become more and more excited for what the future holds for my small business. Divine Beauty was created in my head YEARS prior to actually buying materials and selling to customers, but began promoting its self as a brand in late September of 2017. While in the short time we have been a business, I am learning how to be a professional and knowledgeable business owner by taking online courses, listening to the advice of other business owners and managers. I have made many goals that I would like to accomplish in the next few years for Divine Beauty. Since I was young I loved retail shopping, spas, going to get pamper and feel overall good about myself, my being but I didn't like working under someone elses strict rules though so when I decided that I wanted to open up my own shop, I was nervous. Questioning my self and my abilities but after letting go of the negative thoughts, I began to imagine what Divine Beauty Crystal Shop could be like. 
Being a one woman shop I have tons of responsibilities but without your engagement and contentious support we are able to keep our site up and invest in all the crazy the ideas I have inside my head to become reality. From start to finish I am involved the creative process. All things Divine Beauty is created, cared for, packaged, and shipped with so much love. Every sale is highly appreciated! I give Divine Beauty Crystal Shop all my energy and dedication on a daily basis. Divine Beauty is more than a shop, its a safe space. For me and it can also be for one for you, to ask any question you may have, and to learn a thing or two about crystals and the world around them. Although Divine Beauty Crystal Shop is very small we have loyal and supportive customers. We grow everyday, reaching new people from all over the globe. Every customer and reader is valued here.
If you shop in my store, read my blog articles or just appreciate my work, thank you. 
If you have any questions check out our FAQ tab. Contact Divine Beauty Crystal Shop via email ( Divinebeautycrystalshop@gmail.com) for business inquiries, questions not answered, and custom work.