If-You-Seek-Ame Pendant

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 My all-time personal favorite stone is Amethyst. A multi-useful crystal for all your mental health needs. Used as a talisman to stay focused and successful. This mini-pendants was made with copper color wire and copper wire.

Amethyst has many positive and powerful properties. Used for protection, purifying the aura of any negative energy and attachments, creating a protective shield around the body. Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing abilities, Strengthening the intuition and imagination. Amethyst is commonly used to treat addiction by supporting sobriety and with its sobering effects can preventing drunkness and overindulging to those who wear, carry, and work with Amethyst. Amethyst stimulates the third eye and can enhance memory and motivation. During mediation, Amethyst enhances your spiritual connection and awareness, increases your creativity and passions. Mentally Amethyst stimulates and relaxes the mind, working as a natural tranquilizer, it dispels rage, fear, and anxiety. Alleviating the pain of sadness and grief, Amethyst helps support when coming to terms with a loss in life. Amethyst is one of the most powerful spiritual tools. Promoting a love for the divine encourages selflessness and wisdom. Used to prevent nightmares and get restful sleep, Amethyst may fade with too much direct sunlight.

☯ Each crystal is unique in its own way and no two crystals are identical. Pictures are a general example of what they look like but the crystal will be chosen at random when there are more than 1 available. If you have a specific crystal you are attracted to write a note on your order at check out and I will do my best to give you the one you're interested in and I can show you which crystals we have if we no longer have the exact one.  Contact me before purchasing for any questions.

☯ Crystals should not be used as an alternative for medicine. Crystals raise the vibrations you put out into the world. They can only do so much for you in this 3-dimensional world. YOU must put the work in and your crystals will assist, protect, and guide you along the way.