Divine - Needle Lemurian Quartz pendant

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Divine - Lemurian Quartz pendant 

Lemurian Quartz properties:

- Gives healing to the mind, body, heart, and spirit
- Cleanses and balances chakras
- Encourages emotional independence
- Provides powerful soothing and gentle energy

By purchasing a wire-wrapped jewelry accessory the item you will receive will be chosen at random. The design will be chosen at random and shipped to you, if you have a specific crystal in mind email us at Divinebeautycrystalshop@gmail.comwith your order number and  we will try our best to accommodate you. For custom design orders please email Divinebeautycrystalshop@gmail.com. All crystals are 100% refundable. All crystals are recommended to be smudged with sage once you received your package and before wearing to make sure your crystals is recharged and clear of any energy that does not serve you. For questions or concerns please contact us at Divinebeautycrystalshop@gmail.com